UX workshop in New Haven

Workshops are a great alternative to learning a skill from talks. I run the UX meetup in New Haven and there has been a beautiful community building around this topic. We usually do sessions, 45 minute talks or flash talks. This time we thought of changing things up. I attended a few UX workshops and… Read more »

Being best friends with your editor

Made another screencast for sitepoint. This one is about Working with Sublime Text and I hope you find a trick or two you haven’t heard of before. (Opens in a new tab) Wrote a medium article for my new screencast. I’ve always wanted to use the medium editor and play with some images. Got around to… Read more »

UI Animation for Designers

Proud to announce my new course on “UI animation for designers” produced by O’Reilly media Early this year, I was asked to make a course on UI animation after delivering a talk at UX Boston. Animations gaining traction UI Animations are gaining a lot of traction with the explosion of web and mobile apps. I have… Read more »

Starting a podcast

Listening to your own voice recorded in high definition really puts your verbal communication in perspective. How often do you use words such as “like” or “awesome” can get quite annoying. Also you start hearing lisps you thought you never had and have a new found respect for everyone who listens to you on a… Read more »

Work smart with Bower

I am thrilled to announce my screencast on Work smart with Bower thanks to learnable. Most screencasts out there only show you the basics of how to use it without showing you why it’s useful. That’s what I wanted to cover with this screencast. I hope you like it! In a large scale project, it… Read more »