Work smart with Bower

I am thrilled to announce my screencast on Work smart with Bower thanks to learnable. Most screencasts out there only show you the basics of how to use it without showing you why it’s useful. That’s what I wanted to cover with this screencast. I hope you like it! In a large scale project, it… Read more »

Designing for varying content

I have always been bothered by how beautiful design gets crushed by stupid content. Let me rephrase. I have always been bothered how poor design accommodates actual content. Ahh better. Even something as simple as a displaying a username in the app’s top bar can lead to some very interesting situations. Wrote an article about… Read more »

My year in review

2014 has been a slightly bumpy ride but I am definitely in a better place than I started. Just the webdev stuff below: In 2014, I Helped revive 2 dead meetup groups and started a UX meetup group in New Haven Wrote for an outside publication – Sitepoint Launched IncrementalUX, my UX consultancy business Moved from full… Read more »

Winning hackathon pitches with UX

Last weekend, I was invited to mentor participants at Yale health hackathon on user experience. I had a great time being among high energy entrepreneurs wanting to change the landscape of medicine and technology. Being on the other side of the event, I had the opportunity to converse with the mentors and judges on what they are… Read more »

Open source innovation

  Picture Courtesy: Sean MacEntee Occasionally, I get emails from people across the globe based on my github profile. These people are conducting research on open source contributions and communities. They usually request for a survey form to be filled or a skype interview. I always try my best to help such people out. After one… Read more »