Winning hackathon pitches with UX

Last weekend, I was invited to mentor participants at Yale health hackathon on user experience. I had a great time being among high energy entrepreneurs wanting to change the landscape of medicine and technology. Being on the other side of the event, I had the opportunity to converse with the mentors and judges on what they are… Read more »

Open source innovation

  Picture Courtesy: Sean MacEntee Occasionally, I get emails from people across the globe based on my github profile. These people are conducting research on open source contributions and communities. They usually request for a survey form to be filled or a skype interview. I always try my best to help such people out. After one… Read more »

Chronicles from UXMad13

Exactly one year before today, I had the opportunity to attend UXMad13. Madison has some of the warmest people I have ever met. The Remsiks were extremely helpful and nice people. And, I had a whale of a time attending the single track UX event. I wanted to share my experiences and urge you guys to… Read more »

T shaped developers

This is a response to this blog post here – In praise of fungible developers that an organization can shuffle into different positions without affecting productivity. T Shaped developers I recently read about T shaped developers, who have both breadth wise and depth wise knowledge. I do agree that developers need to be holistic and try and grok as much… Read more »

Building reusable web components using Polymer

I wanted to toy with polymer web components for an admin widget I was building for runway2street. There is an array of products that are selectable. I followed this tutorial to achieve what I wanted. The end product looks like the screencast below. You can view the full demo here. If you inspect it you will… Read more »