Chronicles from UXMad13

Exactly one year before today, I had the opportunity to attend UXMad13. Madison has some of the warmest people I have ever met. The Remsiks were extremely helpful and nice people. And, I had a whale of a time attending the single track UX event. I wanted to share my experiences and urge you guys to… Read more »

T shaped developers

This is a response to this blog post here – In praise of fungible developers that an organization can shuffle into different positions without affecting productivity. T Shaped developers I recently read about T shaped developers, who have both breadth wise and depth wise knowledge. I do agree that developers need to be holistic and try and grok as much… Read more »

Building reusable web components using Polymer

I wanted to toy with polymer web components for an admin widget I was building for runway2street. There is an array of products that are selectable. I followed this tutorial to achieve what I wanted. The end product looks like the screencast below. You can view the full demo here. If you inspect it you will… Read more »

Own your grids

Treehouse pulled a smart one on frontend frameworks for april fools. While its funny, if you look at the grids documentation, you will soon realize where this is all headed. This project made it even more clearer to me that using presentational classes in your markup is not the right way to go. New devices… Read more »

Notes from Geek Night

Google’s App Script allows you to build on top of google docs/calendar and other applications and extend their features Top Shop has a hangout app where you can drag & drop runway  items and create an outfit you desire The only place on the internet where gmail’s API is open and available Singularity Changelog is the… Read more »